Franchisee Testimonials


CLEANSLAND has given us the remarkable opportunity to own our own business.  We would never have thought it would be so easy to be in business for ourselves and be able to reap the rewards of our own success.  This is something we had always wanted, but didn’t dream of achieving.”

Ibrahim Sheikh


“My main concern in the early days of my guaranteed income period was ‘what would happen to my business once the guarentee had expired?’.  With the expert, friendly help from the franchise support office, this proved to be no problem at all.  I was shown just how to expand my business by clever marketing, and more importantly, how to keep my customers so happy with my service that I have not lost any business.  In fact the value of my business has increased, and is still growing.”

Timothy Leung


“My wife and I always wanted to work together, and being able to virtually choose our own hours, we have the flexibility to pursue our own interests during the day.  We are able to fit in our games of golf and other relaxation pursuits during the day time hours and work together in the evenings.  This certainly suits our lifestyle and we love the freedom it gives us in our work.”

Brian and Maree Bauer


“I have never owned or operated a business before, and certainly knew absolutely nothing about the cleaning industry.  After the very friendly introduction to the cleaning business, and the initial and regular on-going training, I am already feeling like an expert in the field and gaining more experience and confidence in myself every week.

The back-up support from the CLEANSLAND team and the franchise office has made things very easy for me, and knowing they are always there to help is a bonus.  Being part of a friendly team and being my own boss is the best thing I have ever done!”

Richard Worthington