Dear Prospects

We are confident that our unique franchise structure enables us to give you more benefits than you would expect from a cleaning company.

When entrusting your cleaning needs to CLEANSLAND, you will ensure that your cleaning requirements will be met beyond your expectations every time!

Our aim is to deliver the best quality cleaning service to your satisfaction, and to keep you happy as our valued customer.

We hope to have the opportunity to prove this fact, when we welcome you as another happy CLEANSLAND client.

Yours Sincerely,




‘People’ are the most important asset to any organisation, that is why we address this area first.

CLEANSLAND staff and franchisees must be the best in the industry.

The CLEANSLAND franchise owner operators are highly trained, dedicated individuals, with a vested interest in their own business.  They are honest and reliable people with a strong commitment to excellence in their chosen field.  They have been carefully selected to maintain CLEANSLAND‘s high standard of cleaning, customer care, attention to detail and pride in their work.  They are career minded business people who really care about their clients’ needs.  Their focus is on your expectation, and often beyond what you would expect from another cleaning company.

We are offering you the following benefits (and more!) when you choose CLEANSLAND‘s highly motivated, intensely trained owner operators to maintain your premises in peak condition at all times.