Common Questions

1. Does the commercial cleaning industry have a positive future?

Yes it does.  It is the general cleaning requirement of almost every business in every city.  It is an extraordinarily large market.  Billions of dollars are spend annually on commercial cleaning services and the service industry is the fastest growing sector of our economy.


2. Is the income guaranteed?

Yes.  CLEANSLAND will give you a written guarantee that you will receive a set income for a set period.  The guarantee is subject to the terms of the franchisee agreement and will be fully explained to you.


3. After the guarantee period, what happens?

We do not take those jobs from you, it’s just that the guarentee expires.  This means you keep all your existing client base and continue to increase your income with on-going support from regional office.


4. Are there ongoing fees?

Yes.  Like all franchise systems we charge an on-going royalty and administration fee.  This enables the regional office to offer assistance whenever necessary to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.  We can only grow if you grow.


5. How big can we build our business?

There is absolutly no restrictions.  As long as you are a delivering a quality service to the client it is in both our best interests to see you grow as much as you wish.  You can increase your own business value by following our systematic marketing and sales format, available at regular training sessions.


6. Can finance be arranged?

Yes.  CLEANSLAND franchise support office will provide the successful applicants with finance using CLEANSLAND‘s own financing scheme.  For more information, please contact the office.